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Australia GST Policy

Effective from June 28, 2018, Australia's latest business legislation requires a GST to be applied on all orders at checkout. This GST is collected through the sale, instead of at the border. In compliance with this, Strawberrynet will add a 10% GST to all orders shipping to Australia. Please note that the GST is applied to orders inclusive of shipping.

VAT Refund Form

Effective from 20 April 2020, we will no longer cover VAT claims. In the event that your order is charged taxes or other additional charges, you are responsible for all expense occurred, which is not refundable.

Currently we offer VAT refund for orders shipping to South Korea. Simply complete the form below to request reimbursement. You can expect to receive a credit to your credit card or PayPal account in 1-2 weeks after your refund has been approved.

It is our pleasure to refund you for your expense, but please note that we are not required to issue refunds and do so on a good will basis. If you have any questions about claiming your refund or our refund policy, you may read more on our FAQ page.

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