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Who can leave a product review?

Any customer who has had at least 1 shipped order may review products on our site. If you have not yet had an order shipped, then you will not be able to submit a review.

You will also need to sign up to the account management section of the site. You can sign up here.


What is a Verified Purchase?

A verified purchase means that the product you are writing a review about is listed in your product purchase history. In other words, we know that you bought the product from us directly and therefore your review is more likely to be informed.


Can I review products that I didn't purchase from you?

Yes. As long as you have had at least 1 shipped order from us, you will be able to write a review about any product listed on our website.

Any product that you write a review about that is listed in your product purchase history will be marked as a Verified Purchase to indicate that you purchased the item from us and your review is likely to be more objective.

You can still provide valuable feedback on products that you may have used in the past but didn't buy from us and these will be displayed alongside the Verified Purchase reviews.


Why should I submit a product review?

If you've ever used a customer review to help you make a purchase, you'll know how useful it was to read different viewpoints before making your final decision.

You can help other customers by sharing your experiences of a product, good or bad, so that everyone can shop smarter.


How do I write a great review?

Just be honest and tell other customers why you liked or disliked a product. The more specific you can be the better. For example:

  • Was it what you expected?

  • What delighted you about using it?

  • How does it compare to other products you have used?

  • Was there anything to watch out for?

  • Was it a good product but maybe not right for your skin type?


Things That Will Prevent Your Review From Being Published

The best advice we can give is stick to reviewing the product and you should have no problem. We reserve the right to reject any review at our discretion but your review is likely to be rejected if It includes any of the following:

  • Swear words or other obscene language

  • Information about the shipping experience. If you have questions or feedback about shipping, please contact our customer service team for support.

  • Discusses prices

  • Discusses batch codes, expiry dates or other product quality issues not related to everyday use and performance of the product.

  • Information about competitive websites or services

  • Discloses personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses or email addresses.

  • Content of a sexual nature

  • Incorrect information in the product description. You can report that to us by contacting our customer service team.

  • Content that is negative towards other reviewers on the site.

  • Paid reviews. If it comes to our attention that a reviewer has been paid to submit a review it will be removed and the user's ability to post future reviews may be suspended.

This is not an exhaustive list and your review may be rejected for reasons other than those listed above. We value your product opinions greatly and we will always give you feedback as to why we rejected your review and you can edit it and resubmit it.

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