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Circle by PreneticsCircle Vital DNA Test

RRP $190.50
Filled house with circle iconBy Shop -PRENTICS LIMITED
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Product Details

  • CircleDNA Vital is designed for those who seek actionable insights to optimise their diet, nutrition intake, fitness routines, and overall wellness. CircleDNA's Whole Exome Sequencing Technology has a validated 99.9% analytical accuracy, valldated by the Croucher Lab of Human Genomics.
  • With Circle Vital, you gain access to 125 unique reports, including:
  • - 15 Diet Reports
  • - 20 Nutrition Reports
  • - 18 Sports & Fitness Reports
  • - 15 Ancestry Reports & more
  • You also get access to a complimentary 1:1 consultation with our trained genetics professionals to help you interpret your report and make the most of your results.
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