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Essential for sensitive skin during seasonal transitions! White Tea 3-Step Routine!


April 18, 2024



April 18, 2024


Essential for sensitive skin during seasonal transitions! White Tea 3-Step Routine!

Struggling with skin issues during seasonal changes?

Are you experiencing seasonal skin changes? As temperatures rise, the excess sebum production can disrupt the balance between water and oil. The ever-changing weather further stresses your skin, leading to redness, swelling, and itching.

If you're hoping to achieve smooth and hydrated skin this spring and summer, it is important to go beyond simply moisturizing the skin’s surface! It's crucial to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier to retain water, ensuring balanced hydration and a radiant complexion!

Strawberrynet highly recommends the MORI BEAUTY BY NATURAL BEAUTY White Tea Series, which offers a pure and natural skincare experience suitable for all ages and skin types. Every step of this skincare journey harnesses the revitalizing power of white tea to awaken your skin's vitality and radiance, ensuring a youthful glow

What makes white tea extract the ideal choice for skincare routine transitions?

Harvested in early spring without any fermentation or oxidation, white tea provides the following skincare benefits:
Anti-Oxidant: Due to its higher levels of polyphenols and caffeine compared to green and black tea, white tea is particularly effective in soothing and revitalizing the skin. It helps reduce damage caused by oxidative stress.
Anti-inflammatory and soothing: White tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which can effectively ease symptoms of redness and discomfort.
Promotes Repair and Regeneration: The active compounds in white tea play a critical role in stimulating skin repair and regeneration. It stimulates collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

超 Introducing our best-selling

Introducing our best-selling "MORI BEAUTY BY NATURAL BEAUTY White Tea Series!

The "MORI BEAUTY BY NATURAL BEAUTY White Tea Series" features a comprehensive moisturizing formula. The first step strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, the second step activates the skin's self-hydration ability, and finally, it reinforces skin hydration, providing 24-hour long-lasting moisture.

Enriched with high-concentration white tea extract, it swiftly soothes skin sensitivity. With inner layer moisture-locking technology containing special ceramides and outer layer double moisturizing properties of γ-PGA and Hyaluronic Acid, White tea fortifies the skin's natural barrier, effectively reducing dryness and sensitivity. This helps make the skin less vulnerable to external irritants.

Essential for sensitive skin during seasonal transitions- White Tea 3-Step Routine!

Step 1:White Tea Moisturizing Lotion

Step 1:White Tea Moisturizing Lotion Instantly elevate hydration and elasticity!

Rediscover the beauty of your skin with our exclusive formula designed to replenish and nourish. Experience immediate hydration that penetrates deep, revitalizing your skin's natural moisture barrier.
Witness a remarkable 21% improvement in hydration and elasticity, revealing youthful radiance!

TIPS: Our product is enriched with a silky serum-like texture. Simply pat it onto your skin until fully absorbed for a revitalizing experience. For even more remarkable results, you can also dampen a cotton pad and gently apply the product.

Texture: A rich and thick serum-like texture
Hydration: ★★★★☆
Lightweight: ★★★☆☆



Experience the power of prolonged hydration and nourishment that amplifies your skin's resistance to daily environmental harm. This potent formula harnesses four key ingredients for remarkable results. Bisabolol effectively tackles dryness and discomfort to eliminate skin concerns.
Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) dives deep into your skin, delivering hydration that fights aging signs. Pearl extract improves skin elasticity, unveiling a radiant glow. Allantoin rounds off the ensemble, providing superior moisturizing and soothing effects.
This face cream is your one-stop solution for continuous skin repair and protection, ensuring your skin remains hydrated throughout the day.

TIPS: Due to its hydrating ingredients, it is recommended to wait 1-3 minutes after using the product until it is fully absorbed. The product will then form a moisture barrier on the skin's surface, helping to lock in moisture and prevent water loss.

Texture: Lightweight and refreshing gel-cream



Introducing our best-selling " WHITE TEA BRIGHTENING TONE-UP CREAM SPF 50” from the White Tea series!
This radiant cream endows your skin with an all-round pearly glow, helping it to illuminate a naturally flawless texture It is enriched with a variety of hydrating ingredients and a high-protection SPF50+★★★.
It rapidly locks moisture and blocks UVA and UVB rays, giving your skin durable protection throughout the day, even against sweat! Experience a radiant complexion with a single application! Moreover, our sunscreen is reef-safe and gentle on sensitive skin, making it an ideal choice for beauty enthusiasts and nature lovers!

TIPS: Dermatologists suggest applying 2mg of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. For our White Tea Revitalizing Bare-faced Cream, this equates to approximately two pumps of product per use

Texture: Creamy with a natural pink hue
Hydration: ★★★☆☆

WHITE TEA MOISTURIZING EYE CREAM | Revitalize delicate eye-area skin for brighter eyes

WHITE TEA MOISTURIZING EYE CREAM | Revitalize delicate eye-area skin for brighter eyes.

The eye area is prone to dryness and vulnerability from sun exposure and pollution. This eye cream, enriched with white tea extract, Horse Tail Grass, Squalane, Saposhnikovia, and Angelica sinensis, moisturizes, nourishes, and strengthens the skin's defenses.
It hydrates and protects the delicate eye area, infusing it with a youthful vitality for softer, more elastic skin and a visually younger appearance!

EXPRESS MOISTURIZING CLEANSING BALM |Makeup removal with skincare benefits

EXPRESS MOISTURIZING CLEANSING BALM  |Makeup removal with skincare benefits

Featuring the latest in makeup removal technology, the "Bi-directional Micro-emulsion Technique (BCME)" sets itself apart from traditional makeup removers. This cleanser crafted from natural plant oils, effortlessly removes makeup without greasiness.
It tackles both water-based and oil-based makeup with ease and works seamlessly on wet skin and hands, simplifying your makeup removal routine!
Also infused with ECOCERT organic certified "Botanical oils," "Wormwood essential oil," "Vitamin E," and "Lavender essential oil," this balm soothes skin stress, balances oil secretion, and gently removes makeup.
It leaves skin smoother and brighter, offering a triple benefit of makeup removal, skin cleansing, and oil massage in one bottle!

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Find your perfect routine and embrace the beauty of spring and summer. Achieve radiant, healthy skin and start your journey to natural beauty today! Shop now!

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