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  • Maternea Nipple Balm 20.0g/ml Product Thumbnail
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MaterneaNipple Balm 20.0g/ml

kr 195,50
RRP kr 355,50
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Product Details

  • MATERNEA nipple balm ensures the necessary comfort that will allow the mother to fully indulge in the most intimate moment – breastfeeding.Breastfeeding often leads to drying of the delicate and sensitive skin of the nipples. An incorrect latch or feeding position, but also baby’s saliva, personal wash products and certain types of clothing can cause soreness and cracks. MATERNEA nipple balm effectively restores and protects the delicate skin of the nipples and the area around them, thanks to the active combination with pure lanolin, naturals cocoa, coconut and shea butters. The balm has a thick, oily texture and a natural aroma of natural oils. Mother and baby safe.Start applying Maternea Nutri-Calming Nipple Balm from the last month of pregnancy to prepare the nipples for breastfeeding.Before use, warm up the tube between your palms for easier application.After birth, use after breastfeeding or when needed, massaging the whole nipple and the areola.No need to wash
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