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Derm Acte Dermo Cleanser  250ml/8.4oz

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Derm Acte Dermo Cleanser  250ml/8.4ozDerm Acte Dermo Cleanser  250ml/8.4ozDerm Acte Dermo Cleanser  250ml/8.4oz

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Derm Acte Dermo Cleanser

Wielkość: 250ml/8.4oz
  • 250ml/8.4oz
100,50 zł
Sugerowana cena detaliczna: 139,00 złZaoszczędź: 28%
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  • A dermo facial cleanser for intolerant skin
  • Contains an ultra-soft cleansing agent to gently & perfectly cleanse face & eyes
  • Removes makeup from skin irritated by various aggressions
  • Leaves skin soft & comfortable
  • Free of fragrance, parabens & coloring agent

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