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Colours Diffuser - Tessuto (Brown)  250ml/8.33oz

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Colours Diffuser - Tessuto (Brown)  250ml/8.33ozColours Diffuser - Tessuto (Brown)  250ml/8.33ozColours Diffuser - Tessuto (Brown)  250ml/8.33oz

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Colours Diffuser - Tessuto (Brown)

Wielkość: 250ml/8.33oz
  • 250ml/8.33oz
  • 500ml/16.6oz
360,50 zł
Sugerowana cena detaliczna: 544,00 złZaoszczędź: 34%
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  • A stylish & colorful room diffuser
  • Helps perfume your living space with a delightful fragrance
  • Housed in a colored bottle with a maple wood cap
  • Matches well in any interior environment
  • Comes with a bunch of rattan reed sticks for a continuous dispersion of the perfume
  • Lasts up to three months

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