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  • 펫 펫 프리미어 Pet Pet Premier 조인트 프라임 (6P)  Product Thumbnail
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펫 펫 프리미어 Pet Pet Premier조인트 프라임 (6P)

소비자 권장가격 ₩482,200
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  • Dogs are born with many joint problems. Veterinarians believe that they should pay attention to it from a young age. The joint fairy powder contains New Zealand mussels, which can play a natural anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce joint pain; and glucosamine can promote cartilage formation and growth. and repair, keep joints lubricated and reduce cartilage abrasion. It enables dogs who like to run and jump to reduce the burden on the joints and legs, be full of energy and jump vigorously every day!
  • Strengthen joint flexibility, no longer worry about the dog running and jumping
  • Relieve Arthritis Pain
  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Reduce cartilage breakdown
  • Stimulates healthy cartilage growth
  • Promotes normal joint function
  • Delay joint bone aging
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