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2B 대안 2B Alternatives2B 팔과 바디 프로

소비자 권장가격 ₩53,600
Filled house with circle icon상점별 -Careplus 88 Limited
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  • Professional and full effect. Reduce belly and arm fat
  • Trim waist and arm fat effectively!
  • - Contains unique @2B Deep Fat Burning Essence
  • - Deeply penetrate the fat layer with nanometers with instant effect
  • - Swiss scientific study demonstrates fat reduction effectiveness
  • - Lymphatic drainage to get rid of swelling
  • - Eliminate cellulite and repair waist creases
  • - Contains high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients
  • - No added chili, adhere to no added ingredients, and take care of your skin
  • After use: Significant reduction of waist and arm fat. It is the best 2B product.
  • - Use every day to eliminate cellulite and suitable for all skin types.
  • - Use at a young age to fend off age-related body issues.
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