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  • Natural Beauty  35ml/1.23ozProduct Thumbnail
  • Natural Beauty  35ml/1.23ozProduct Thumbnail
  • Natural Beauty  35ml/1.23ozProduct Thumbnail
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Natural Beauty

Size: 35ml/1.23oz
RRP $101.00
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Product Details

  • Introduction: innovative CRD + T Technology releases skincare serum upon contact with skin. Removes dullness & yellowness & prevents flaking for perfect skin
  • Premium precious Rosa Damascena concentrate from Turkey: helps strengthen skin’s self-defense ability while combating dullness & brightening skin
  • Elastin complex: Combines three kinds of elastin derived from deep sea fishes with patented Tripeptide for anti-wrinkle action. Deeply repairs skin & enhances firmness
  • Cistus Extract from Mediterranean Sea: offers self-healing power. Defends skin against external aggressions while fighting pigmentation caused by UV rays
  • Ultra-high protection SPF 50+: Protects skin against harmful sunrays
  • Function: Velvety texture is easy to apply & long-lasting. Conceals imperfection, corrects skin tone & smoothes fine lines. Skin appears firmer & more elastic Usage: Take an appropriate amount on the forehead, nose, chin & cheeks with your fingers. Apply from the center of the face to the face, blend the liquid foundation evenly, and pat gently to make the foundation more adherent
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