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Health Special Offer

Kill MealKill Meal Big Meal Kill

kr 27,50
RRP kr 35,50
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Product Details

  • In order to enjoy a filling dinner without worrying about gaining weight afterwards, the "Kill Meal" series of lozenges are designed specifically to absorb extra nutrients in a meal. You won't be concerned about the effects of how much you consume at any one time.
  • The Kill Meal series has introduced a complete barrier formula called " Kill Meal Big Meal Kill" as well as "Kill Meal Hot Pot Kill " for high-oil and high-starch hotpot/barbecue meals in order to more effectively target the oil, starch, and sweetness of each meal, so that you can relax and eat wonderful cuisine on various occasions.
  • Effectively prevent the absorption of oil, starch, and sugar when eating 
  • - Dining out, essential for travel
  • - A new and improved version to thoroughly reinforce the barrier capability
  • - Inhibition of starch absorption increased to 3.4 times
  • - Inhibit fat absorption and increase by 7%
  • - Added rare sugar ~ double sweetness barrier
  • Suitable for users:
  • - Suitable for ever
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