Right eye essence with massage gives charming eyes

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Eyes are the window of the soul, worsening and tired eye skin make us look old and sloppy. However, the skin around our eyes is so weak, so losing slight attend will cause dark eye circle, dry lines, puffy eyes etc.

And we are always look at screens now, causing even more stress to the skin. Looking at the lines thinking of using eye cream, but the fear of stickyness is holding you back?Eye essence is your best choice.

The market now has a variety of eye serums with different formulas and functions, which can precisely solve your problems, from solving dark circles to anti-aging.

The market now has a variety of eye serums with different formulas and functions, which can precisely solve your problems, from solving dark circles to anti-aging.

Essence work even better with right massage techniques

Although the essence is refreshing and easy to absorb, eye care must be accompanied by massage. However, keep in mind that massaging with excessive force back and forth will cause friction and damage to the skin around the eyes. Puffy eyes and aging will become more and more serious, and even dullness will appear. The best way to do this is with an ice-cold massage.

At present, many eye serums come with ice bead for massage. So you can apply serum while massaging. Just so suitable for Hong Kong people who are quick and efficient in everything. With the right method, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Massage techniques 101

For overall skincare: Dior Prestige Le Micro-Serum De Rose Yeux Advanced Exceptional Regenerating Micro-Nutritive Eye Serum

Step 1 Smoothing and brightening:Get a drop as large as the peral, then close your eyes and massage from temple to inner eye, back and forth on lower lid.

Step 2 Removing lines:Press the head on inner eye, than massage from inner eyes all the way along the brow. end with circling at the temple

Step 3 Enlarging eyes:Start from inner eyes, gently massage along the brow and all the way back to the inner eye. Repeat that in circular motion to enlarge your eyes.


Dior uses a formula rich in micronutrients and a variety of botanical extracts to create the first eye serum that contains the power of Gonzalo Rose. Not only inherits 22 kinds of micronutrients from classic Gonzalo rose, but also the high-efficiency micro-nutrient of Gonzalo "Rose Hips". Enhancing the contour of the eyes to help prevent skin aging signs; "Rose Liquid", 6 times more efficient than vitamin C.

Rose palette shaped massage head has 11 porcelain pearls embedded for 360 eye massage. Fits tightly to your eye contour and help serum penetrate your skin. 10 pearls can bring acupuncture point massage to you, soothing our fine lines and stressed skin.

Massage this way to solve specific problems: Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum

To Fix Dark Circles-Pendulum: First apply the essence evenly under the eyes, and massage with pendulum motion 5 times across the eye.

Sooth Fine lines-Circular:Massage in small circles around the socket clockwise for three times, than draw bigger circles from the head of the eye all the way to temple. Effectively sooth out and prevent any fine lines.

To ease pressure-Temple:Move from head of the eye all the way to temple under your eyes for a few time. Release the pressure from everyday life.


Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum, with a concentrated formula made up of 94% natural ingredients. Using exclusive BlackBee Eye RepairT technology that combines honey and exclusive royal jelly with firming polymers for a lifting and smoothing effect. Achieve anti-aging, firming, eliminate fine lines and dullness under the eyes.

The convenient massager is designed to allow you to easily control the dosage, no more or less, directly massage the eye end and under the eye with the dropper. Enjoy cooling and soothing, effectively care your fragile eye skin. Eyes look youthful, bright and firm.

Relax with acupuncture point massage: Lancome Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate

STEP1. Relax first: put the thumb on the eye socket and massage lightly for five times; place the thumb and index finger on both sides of the bridge of the nose and massage five times;put the index finger on the center of the lower part of the eye and gently massage in circle for five times.

STEP2. Cooling:Massage around the eye with the V shape massage head of Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate. Repeat on both upper and lower eye.

STEP3. Massage to dredge: Massage the same point as step one, and gently massage lashes when finish.

STEP4. Warming: Enhance circulation by massage and warm your skin with your palm


The upgraded version of Lancome Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate has a smooth and fresh texture. Combining with the 360 massage head, made with professional steel and polished with powdered diamond. Gently soothe and ease stress on tired eyes.

Combining with microbes and revolutionary lash revitalizing technology, brining you bight and large eyes. Strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle power, firm and lift eye contour while smoothing our lines/ Eliminate dullness, lines, dark circles and puffed eyes.

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