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Let's face it: smoky eyes are bae, but they can be labour intensive. Instead, we like to aim for a naturally amped-up look with just a hint of definition. To start, use Christian Dior's Eyeliner Waterproof on the lids and blend with the built-in smudger for a softer line.

Then it's time to get fluttering with Estee Lauder's Lash Primer Plus. Not many people bother with lash primers - which is a shame because they make such a difference. Not only do they strengthen lashes, they also lengthen the hold of your mascara. Win-win, right? Follow up with Dejavu's Lash Knockout Extra Volume Mascara to add fullness - it's composed of fast-drying fibers that remove with hot water, and it never flakes. Like, ever.

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To complete the look, accentuating the brows is a must. We like Givenchy's Mister Brow Groom Universal Brow Setter - a clear gel that keeps brows looking groomed, not overdone. If you need to add a touch of color, try the Universal Brow Pencil, which has a built-in brush to soften harsh lines.

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Want people to notice your cheeks, not the colour on it? The key is to enhance what you've already got. For that, you need blushers and bronzers that are just one shade removed from your natural skin colour. If you want just a touch of color, grab Clarins' Colour Breeze Face & Blush Powder. It's a super pretty palette of nude-ish colours that you can't go wrong with.

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For a little more definition, try Urban Decay's Naked Flushed palette. It comes with both highlighter and bronzer, so you can really make your cheekbones pop. Plus, the colours are designed to make your cheeks look full but not overdone.

For those who want the 'just worked out' glow, try By Terry's Terrybly Densiliss Blush Contouring Duo Powder. They're so finely-milled, they blend like a dream. Plus, the complementary shade duos are nice and subtle, so you won't accidentally end up with clown cheeks.

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We know matte's all the rage right now, but it obviously looks like makeup. A creamy lipstick with a hint of shine? That looks just like your lips, only plumper and juicier. That's why we adore Lipstick Queen's Saint Lipstick line. It's got sheer colour (it's only 10% pigment) and gentle hydration. Swipe once for moisture, twice for tint, and three times for a just-bitten stain.

If you're looking for a huge range of luscious shades, nothing beats Dior Addict Hydra Gel Core Mirror Shine Lipstick. The colours are all super wearable, but we like the rosy 722 True and 643 Diablotine best for that MLBB look. As a bonus, they do double-duty as lip balm.

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Another must-have favourite is Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire Delicious Shiny Lip Colour, with its faint hint of shimmer and it's gorgeously sheer shades, which can be layered on for sophistication.

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