[Concealer Pickup]No more dark circles on date night

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Tomorrow is date night, you want to show the best of yourself but you also want to watch drama. You accidentally watched the whole season, and it is late now. You start to worry about dark circles and fine lines on date night.

To cover up a dark circle it has to be a concealer, but the cakey, heavy feeling of some high coverage concealer causes a lot of trouble.

Also after covid, makeup routine now become minimalist. Makeup without foundation is the new trend. After primer, precisely coverup lines and blemish with concealer.Finish off with a light layer of loose powder.Light makeup like this cover up dots without feeling heavy, and let you skin breath under makeup and mask.

Still thinking which concealer is suitable for you? Afraid of cakey and flakey makeup? Scroll down and read on. Learn how to use and use concealer, to get filter perfect skin.

What is concealer?

As a basic makeup, it hides out all the pimples,dots, bruises and dark circles. It is more like a partial foundation for places that need some extra coverage.

Although most of the concealer swatches are nude, there are also green, orange and yellow tones.Green for tune down redness, yellow to brighten up dullness and orange for your dark circles.Apply precisely to different needs for clean perfect look.

There are no bad concealers, just concealer misused. Below, we are going to introduce different types of concealer for different zones.

Concealer demystified

Sticks for high coverage:Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer


Us it just like a lip stick, very easy to carry around. With the hardest texture among all types, concealer stick provides high coverage. However it might look heavy easily.

And Dermablend Quick Fix is a concealer that focus on sensitive skin. High coverage formula hide dark circles and scars with no sweat, so color is intense and long lasting. Totally smudge free without feeling dry. Create dewy skin and also suitable for relatively dry skin.

Creamy airy look at ease: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer felt like second skin with luxurious silky smooth texture. Long lasting and easy to apply. No cakey look for sure. Added chinese medicine essence to calm redness and inflammation. Vitamin E can reduce dark circles and smooth out fine lines.

Small titled tip make it easy to target blemishes, under eye and around the mouth. Light to medium coverage for a natural, velvety smooth look. Slightly dry formula, so it is more suitable for normal and mixed skin. Remember to apply moisturizer before using this for smooth creaseless finish.


Soft Matte Complete Concealer in the same series is another star product.Developed with light diffusing technology that instantly covers imperfections, fine lines & signs of fatigue. Provides high coverage with a soft-focus effectEnriched with Collagen-boosting Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamins A,C,E, skin becomes softer, smoother & younger-looking.

Liquid for large area: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer

It might seem to have lower coverage than other products for liquid concealer. But it can also cover out larger area. Not to mention product like Stretchable Concealer of Armani have a high coverage formula.


Armani concealers are packed with essence oil with stretchable formula. Smooth hydrating texture, buildable for medium to ultra high coverage. Long laying fine pigments for the best look, with precise tip for application.

Application of concealers

Don't over do it.

If you apply whole lot of concealer at one spot to cover it up in one go. It will look heave and crease. Concealers usually has more oil in their formula, very spreadable. Apply a small amount every time and build up to optimal coverage.

The sequence is important

For pressed foundation, use concealer before foundation. The sequence is primer→Concealer→pressed foundation.

And for liquid foundation, use it after foundation. The sequence is primer→foundation→concealer. Then hold everything up with the best loose powder.

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