Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Glycation in one routine

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As busy working women, we want to workout the most with the easiest skincare routine. We understand this, so we bring you a series of products to achieve Anti-wrinkle and Anti-glycation in one routine.

What is Anti-glycation?

Anti-glycation definition is to stop sugar from damaging proteins from inside of our body. Glycation is one of the main aging factors for your skin. Unlike free radicals that harm from outside, glycation harms a cell from inside.

As sugar molecules in the body bombard cells by bonding with fats and proteins. The proteins then become misshapen and excrete exotoxins that disrupt cellular metabolism. Collagen, which makes skin look smooth and plump, is particularly vulnerable to the glycation process. And loss of skin elasticity occurs.

NB-1 Peptide Elastin Series

Anti-wrinkles and anti-glycation skin care helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with multiple types of peptides, this skin renewal series helps remove sagging skin by anti-glycation, prevent skin dullness, and maintain the skin's youth.

It provides tightening and lifting effects similar to what was achieved after plastic surgery. The product can deliver into the skin from inside out, support from the deep skin layer, tighten in the middle, and deliver on the surface.

” Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Peptide Elastin Anti-Aging Emulsion$210.50 /100ml

With the high technology patented anti-wrinkle hexapeptide, magnolia plant extract, and ceramide hydrating essence. It offers a large number of water supply for skin, softens skin, constructs the protective barrier to defend external stimulation.

Magnolia extract is known for soothing and repairing the skin, fixing the darkness on skintone, anti-glycation and highly effective natural moisturizing factor. While Hexapeptide (Argireline) patented anti-wrinkle peptide for expression line effectively.

Prevention of dry and sensitive skin, keeps the skin tight and elastic. Also helps the absorption of follow-up procedures after cleaning the face.

Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Peptide Elastin Radiance Concentrated Serum$1422.00 /50ml

Energizing and whitening serum formulated with natural extracts and peptides. Nonapeptide-1 and α -arbutin maintains skin lightening and provides a whitening effect. ATP factor and Mexican wild herb extract energize your skin, and keep it young and firm.

Glacial seaweed is highly effective in repairing skin cells and preventing aging. Natural Pentavitin is known for restoring moisture to the skin.

This advanced anti-glycation peptide serum moisturizes effectively, keeps skin smooth and has a nice texture. Also energizes and increases metabolism. To achieve whitening and lightening the spots, improving dark and dull skin.

” Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Peptide Elastin Lift Firming Complex$1015.50 /50ml

Hexapeptide (Argireline) patented anti-wrinkle peptide for expression lines effectively, removing signs of aging. Plantago Major seed extract has high power on anti-glycation, anti-aging. Also soothing and calming skin, and a well known hydrator to your skin.

Along with Natural marine active essence and NB peptide complex, this complex has high anti-glycation properties. Effective on skin lightening and improving skin yellowish problems. This complex also works well on moisturizing, firmness, tights skin up and makes contour lines more obvious.

Just like the beauty effect of plastic surgery but skip the risk.

” Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Peptide Elastin Restorative Eye Creme$371.50 /30g

It contains the patented technology peptides, natural plant active ingredients, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and other ingredients. It can replenish energy to activate skin, effectively nourish the skin, and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin around eyes.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8, known for anti-wrinkle, reduces expression lines. Plantago Major seed extract proved to be anti-glycation, anti-aging.

Divaricate Saposhniovia Root, Angelica, horsetail can repair delicate skin around your eyes and improve the eye contour. Hyaluronic acid can moisturize your skin and ease discomfort from dryness.

This formula provides long-term moisturizing to prevent dryness and atrophy around eyes, repair skin, increase elasticity , effectively moisturize skin and improve dry skin, fine lines, dullness and dark circles, etc. At the same time, solve the dry skin around eyes dullness and dark circles etc., make the eyes bright and lively.

Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Peptide Elastin Restorative Eye Complex$471.00 /30ml

A product with the patented anti-wrinkle peptide, anti-glycation, lightening and highly effective natural moisturizing ingredients. It can enhance the energy and metabolism around the eye area, and reduce the wrinkles and dark circles around the eye.

Patented anti-wrinkle hexapeptide for decreasing the expression line, and tripeptide for decreasing the fine lines from aging. Plantago Major seed extract is an anti-glycation agent and highly effective natural moisturizing ingredients.Mulberry bark extract effectively lightening the dull skin.

This restorative eye complex gives you young, firm, bright skin around your eyes. Soothing dry skin and improving the skin problem near the eye contour. At the same time, construct a protective barrier against external stimulation and prevent skin from sensitivity, dryness and aging.

Two kinds of botox-like peptides omnidirectionally prevent expression and fine lines near the eye area. Let you own skin with plastic surgery effect, but not the risk.

Natural Beauty NB-1 Crystal NB-1 Multi Performance Elastin Energy Creme$771.50 /50g

This award-winning creme has received "Taiwan Excellence Award 2021" and "Asia Pacific Health and Biotechnology Award-Excellent Quality Award".

NB peptide complex and α -arbutin maintains skin lightening and provides a whitening effect. ATP factor and Mexican wild yam extract energize your skin, keep your skin firm and improve your skin health.

Glacial seaweed is highly effective in repairing skin cells and preventing aging. Magnolia extract can soothe and repair skin, and remove darkness. Potato Vine or Centella extract has an excellent synergistic effect to enhance skin collagen content and reduce wrinkles.

Day and Night skincare routine

By combining the products correctly, you only need one set of products to bring you a luxurious skincare experience.

Day: Treat and prep your skin with the emulsion, then brighten up your skin with the concentrated serum. After that, build a skin protective barrier with the eye creme and energy creme.

Night: Pamper your skin with the emulsion to enhance skin absorption, then hydrate it with the firming complex. Next repair and recharge your skin cell with the eye complex and the energy creme.

Hope this article can help you learn more about glycation, and how to fight it. Shop for NB-1 Peptide Elastin Series with discount, only on

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