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Cleansery se mohou tvářit, že dělají stejnou práci, ale budete překvapeni, kolik druhů jich je. S pěnu, mlékem, krémem, gelem nebo olejem, jen si vybrat. A tím, že je to důležitý první krok v kosmetické rutině, každý má svého oblíbence.

Sestavili jsme našich Top 10 nejpopulárnějších cleanserů. Co je Vaše tajná zbraň?

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Speciální čistící Gel

The struggle with adult acne is real, but our all-time bestselling cleanser is one of the best defenses. This gel-based product is formulated without soup, artificial fragrances, or colours, which means it will cleanse without irritating your skin further. Instead, there's Balm Mint and Lavender on hand to soothe redness. Betcha didn't know a cleanser could do so much, huh?

Jemně pěnivý Cleanser s bambuckým máslem (Pro suchou / citlivou pokožku)

We've never liked those super drying cleansers that made our skin tight and scaly afterwards. So we love this shea butter-infused product that hydrates as it cleans. Plus, there's Pro-Vitamin B5 to leave your face silky-smooth and oh-so-soft. You won't believe how different your face will feel even after just one application.

MD Formulations
Obličejový Cleanser čistí & peelinguje (s Glycolic Acid)

Want to hit two birds with one stone and get in some gentle exfoliation? This creamy cleanser contains 12% glycolic acid, which will trick your skin into renewing itself on the double. It also dissolves makeup, oil and residue so you can look like you've never even heard of dust. Pollution? What pollution?

Smývatelný pênový Cleanser

Don't waste time with makeup removers. Smart cleansers like this one were created to remove every last trace of makeup from your face while soothing skin with botanical ingredients. It's so good, we've nicknamed it Ole' Dependable. Ardent fans use it year after year. Is this the year you'll get on the bandwagon?

Benefiance Extra krémová čistící pěna

Get your anti-aging routine started right from the cleansing stage. Granules of Bio-Hyaluronic Acid help to keep skin fresh and moist while you massage the rich lather over your face. A little goes a long way, and it takes good care of even the most sensitive of skin types. Check out your new glow after using this product - the proof is in the mirror.

Čistící mléko pro všechny typy pletí

After buying this hefty, plus-sized bottle, you won't have to purchase another cleanser for ages. This is the cleanser that won't break the bank, and yet performs like a superstar. Massage the satin-textured, milky formula into your skin, then tissue it off like you would with grandma's cold cream. You'll find all dirt and grime gone, and you won't even have to worry about irritating skin with hot or cold water.

Advanced AHA Jemný obličejový Cleanser

Don't want to compromise your skin's natural barriers? This exfoliating cleanser will purify your pores from the inside out. It's like a pressure-cleaner, but for your face. With a 13% LCA Complex and a 12% L-Lactic compound, it's got more AHA than most creams or serums you'll find in drugstores. And that's why you can trust it'll work.

Jemný obličejový Cleanser

We all know alcohol isn't healthy for skin, but this cleanser turns the tables around. The star of this Gentle Cleanser is PiteraTM, a ferment filtrate derived from sake - and it works like a dream. Not only does it confer anti-aging benefits, it also gives you an unearthly glow that all your friends will envy. So the question is: do you want to make them jealous?

Mousse Eclat samo pěnivý Cleanser

No need to massage this one into a lather. It's thick and foamy right out of the tube, and it goes on with a lighter-than-air texture that'll leave your skin tingling --- in the good way. You can even use it for your neck and décolleté in the mornings. What's not to love?

Elizabeth Arden
Hydra jemný krémový Cleanser (pro suchou / citlivou pokožku)

Got sensitive skin? This detergent-free product is perfect for you. Besides having a silky texture with lots of slip, this product also helps remove makeup. There's even colloidal oatmeal, which is one of the best ingredients for calming red, flaking skin. As a basic, everyday product, this one's a winner.