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When it comes to products that have changed our lives, serums definitely come out on top. There's just no single product more powerful for improving skin. With their scientifically-proven abilities to lift, brighten, smooth and moisturize, serums are the ultimate multitaskers.

Vybrali jsme Top 10 bestsellerů, o kterých fanoušci nemohou přestat mluvit. Volte svého oblíbence dnes!


Estee Lauder
Perfectionist [CP+R] Maže vrásky/Zpevňující sérum

Developed with a revolutionary technology to double skin's natural collagen-building power, this serum works even on the deepest wrinkles. Use it under moisturizer at night and as a primer for makeup in the morning. Your skin will thank you.

Elizabeth Arden
Ceramide kapsle denní obnovující sérum

With its convenient delivery system, this product is easy to use on the go. Tiny capsules break open to reveal a velvety, non-greasy serum that dissolves rapidly into skin. Ceramides restore youth while other precious ingredients will plump your skin. Throw a few capsules into your kit for trips, and you're golden.

Double Serum Complete Age Control koncentrát

Enriched with twenty different plant extracts, this powerful serum is famous for working overtime to help you turn back the clock. A few drops morning and night helps to visibly minimize fine lines and wrinkles, or - if you're using it as a preventative treatment - to keep fine lines from forming.

La Prairie
Cellular hydratující sérum

This serum doubles as an intense moisturizer that works on multiple levels to protect your skin from dryness. Fans love the way it restores elasticity to give skin a firm and youthful appearance. Remember to spread a few drops over the décolleté as well to stall the effects of aging on this delicate area.

Skin Medica
TNS esenciální sérum

Packed with peptides and stem cells that contain a targeted human growth agent, this serum speeds up the regenerative process. Anti-aging aficionados will adore the texture, which glides on smoothly and contains over half a dozen antioxidants for optimal results. Fans report noticeable improvements within 90 days, so all you need is a little bit of patience.

Denní sérum proti vráskám 50ml

Smoke and pollution are more and more a part of everyday life. But amazing ingredients like Idebenone have the scientifically-proven ability to prevent the impact of oxidative stress on skin. This bottle is all you need to protect your face against the assaults of the environment. Use every morning to get the most out of it.

Vespera Bionic Sérum

Pump your skin full of resurfacing agents like Mandelic acid, Lactobionic Acid, and Gluconolactone. These remarkable ingredients not only boost collagen and reduce fine lines, they also unclog pores and even out discolorations. Perfect for use following a glycolic peel or a dermabrasion procedure.

Age Smart Multivitamin mocné sérum

Vitamins aren't just for eating. Microencapsulated vitamin complexes A, C, and E penetrate skin deeply to target hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours, this formula even helps overrides biochemical triggers that lead to aging.

Yves Saint Laurent
Forever Youth Liberator Sérum

To prove that youthfulness is always within reach, this serum delivers a potent triple cocktail. First, it contains the highest concentration of GlycanactifTM possible, which has been proven to restore skin's natural elasticity. Second, it boasts the winning combo of Hepes and Adenosine for their anti-wrinkle benefits and skin renewing properties.

StriVectin - TL stahující obličejové sérum

StriVectin's goal was to create the most effective age-fighting product on the market. That's why this serum contains NIA-114 - an ingredient that accelerates the speed of skin restructuring. Discovered during DNA skin cancer research, NIA-114 has been awarded numerous patents and is now a documented winner that promises younger, healthier-looking skin.