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  • MEDAVITA LOTION CONCENTRÉE  Anti-hair loss treating shampoo pH 5.5 150ml  Product Thumbnail
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MEDAVITALOTION CONCENTRÉE Anti-hair loss treating shampoo pH 5.5 150ml

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Detalles de Producto

  • Essence Revitalizing Scalp Series
  • Contains 13 important powerful active ingredients
  • Natural plant extracts, activate scalp nutrients to prevent hair loss.
  • It can be used as a preventive or problem treatment for thinning and thinning hair, as well as for hair loss problems. 13 targeted herbs from nature packed with powerful revitalizing energy.
  • In order to prevent hair loss, revitalize the base of the scalp, stimulate the development of hair follicles, inject nutrients into the hair roots, make the hair roots strong and firmly grasp the scalp, and prolong the life cycle of the hair.
  • The classic series contains 13 kinds of energy herbs that activate scalp cells, including precious herbs such as camphor tree, aloe vera, calamus, galbanum, myrrh, nutmeg, coltsfoot, yarrow, and cina tree. Inherited from the ancient European herbal knowledge, the formula has been passed down for decades, and each medicinal material has been carefully selected and combined. Cleansing Milk
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