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We all want skin that grows from inside naturally, but why are all those whitening products not efficient? Why is the dewy radiant skin of K-pop stars so hard to archive?

Because you left blemish ignored, and didn't rest regularly, melanin will cause dullness. If you are as active as me and lack sun-care, your skin goes dark, and oily skin easily get irritated, melanin will cause uneven skin tone.

And we care for efficiency and price when we select whitening products. With all the choices across the price range available, serum, mask, cream, tones,etc. Don't want to waste money on inefficient products, or even cause irritation? Scroll down and read on for more tips and product pickups.

How to pick whitening ingredients?

With all the whitening ingredients like Arbutin,yeast and vitamin C available, which one is suitable for you?


When Melanin is formed, an enzyme called Tyrosinase will accelerate the whole process, causing an increase in melanin formation. To stop this from happening, arbutin is an efficient ingredient. However, using too much might cause light sensitivity to your skin. Choose arbutin with a stable structure can reduce the effect.


Vitamin C can eliminate melanin with the REDOX reaction, returning the original skin tone. Efficiently brighten and whiten your skin, widely used by different products in the market.


Isovarfone in soy is close to natural female hormones, has a strong hydrating factor. Soy Peptides are also highly biocompatible to skin. Directly shut off the production process of melanin. Lowering risk of melanin formation.

As wrapped ingredients, it can penetrate all the way to the bottom of skin, radiant skin from root.


As a gentle yet effective whitening ingredient, it enhances cuticle renewal naturally, brightens and hydrates at the same time. Matching with other ingredients, dewy skin in a snap.

Sake lees (yeast) is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Minor minerals can enhance the regeneration of skin cells and strengthen the repair mechanism of skin. Small particle amino acids can replenish the nutrition base of skin directly, slowing down aging of skin and renewal of skin cells, leaving radiant and smooth skin.

Can I have all of the above in one brand? Yes, you can with Natural Beauty.

Sake whitening: BIO UP Ultimate Lift Regenerating Micro Treatment Essence

This treatment essence won "The National Brand Yushan Award 2022 - The Best Product. Contains extract of gold class sake kasu from Wakayama and sakura sake, using patented biotechnology to awake bright and radiant skin. Also include rosa damascena flower oil, rosa damascena flower water, ascorbyl glucoside, prunus lannesiana flower extract, glyceryl glucoside, and other extracts.


Macromolecular Light Biotechnology revitalizes your skin; Patented double floral factor creates charming skin tone;Patented exclusive formula brightens your skin, creating a radiant complexion.

Want some extra hydration? Natural Beauty BIO UP a-GG Golden Yeast Skin Activating Treatment Essence offer deeper moisture, anti-aging while whitening. And a Arbutin Brightening Essence have alpha-arbutin, liquorice extract and Hyaluronic Acid for dullness. Whiten your skin from bottom, regain full radiant dewy skin.

We all want skin that grows from inside naturally, but why are all those whitening products not efficient? Why is the dewy radiant skin of K-pop stars so hard to archive?

This brightening ampoule is the "Pure Beauty Global Award 2022 finalist", boosted with Micronized Vitamin C,Vitamin C Glucoside and alpha-arbutin. Whiten your skin bottom up, release stably for efficiency. Effectively eliminate melanin, intense brightening and even skin tone.


The soy extract and Hyaluronic Acid can hydrate while rejuvenating your skin, reduce irritation to skin. For even more gentle dullness remover, try BIO-UP a-GG Ascorbyl Glucoside Concentrated Brightening Essence. This can stop melanin formation, if the ampoule is for emergency, this one is for daily skin care.


Complete radiant: Natural Beauty BIO UP a-GG Ultimate Whitening Emulsion Lotion

The patented anti-aging formula achieves bright, firm & glowing skin. Cystoseira Tamariscifolia Extract, as the core of the CCM2 Patented Brightening Compounds, deeply penetrates through skin to get rid of dull complexion


With the cocktail formula of whitening factors like sake essence, Iris and Glutathione etc. You just need one bottle to get the bright firm skin of K-pop star.

To go deeper and enhance stress resistant of your skin, you need a Arbutin Brightening Water Sleeping Mask. Boosted with Saposhnikovia, Angelica Acutiloba, cucumber, a-arbutine, and Hyaluronic Acid. Effectively hydrate and nourish skin to regain balance, soothe skin and make skin radiant.

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