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لوحة عيون Cover Shot  6.2g/0.21oz
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لوحة عيون Cover Shot  6.2g/0.21ozلوحة عيون Cover Shot  6.2g/0.21ozلوحة عيون Cover Shot  6.2g/0.21oz

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لوحة عيون Cover Shot

الحجم: 6.2g/0.21oz
اللون: Prism
  • Ablaze
  • Major Metals
  • Minimalist
  • Petal Metal
  • Prism
  • Punked
  • دخاني
  • غير لامع
  • Golden Hour
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  • لوحة عيون Cover Shot - # Prism:
  • 8x ظلال عيون (Rising Sign, Gal Palace, Astro Not, Gimme Space, Prism Break, Rocket Star, Bratmosphere, Tarot-Fy).
  • A palette of purse-size, pigmented eyeshadows
  • Includes six dazzling shades of various formulas & finishes
  • Enables mix & match to create endless, trendy looks
  • Comes with two double-size base shades of different finishes
  • Base shades deliver bold color result & easily blend on
  • Paraben-free

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